Xbound Seat Covers

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Xbound seat covers in are designed for car and truck use. The X-Bound seat cover offers a rugged nylon fabric for long lasting protection. Pockets on the front, side and back provide all over storage space. With the patented lace up design, this seat cover is sure to offer you a custom style fit with a water resistant fabric at a great price. Fits most high back bucket seats with or without headrests.

xbound seat covers

600d Nylon
Strong, durable, long lasting
Patented lace up design for snug fit
Convenient storage pockets, front, side & back
Water resistant fabric
No tools for installation

Will not work with Integrated Seatbelts or Armrests. DO NOT cover seats which contain Side Global Airbags.
Get a custom fit truck seat cushion without the custom price. xbound seat covers feature extra storage and handy pockets around the seat area and back panel. Made of durable nylon with foam rubber backing, the cover is spill-proof and washable. This cover fits seats without armrests, including most Comfort Ride models. It will not, however, fit Comfort Ride Big Daddy model. It sizes approximately 31" tall and fits seats up to 26" wide. The colors are black with gray inserts.

Think about it, what do you have the most contact with in your vehicle? It's your seats, and they need to be protected. If your seats get dirty, or something gets spilled on them, it's a pain, and a hassle to clean them. xbound seat covers put an end to that. Most can be put in the washer and dryer so there is no need to buy expensive cleaning supplies to get stains and dirt out. If you have pets, you know it's a chore to vacuum the seats to get all the pet hair off them. What about their nails? You don't want them to poke through your new leather seats do you? A seat cover provides a protective barrier to keep your pets from scratching, or poking holes in your nice seats.

Another problem you face is UV damage. That's right, the suns powerful rays claim the lives of many seats. When the sun shines in your vehicle it is magnified by the glass from your windows. That's why it feels like an oven on hot summer days. Imagine what that does to your interior. If you have leather seats, the sun dries them out, which can lead to cracking, and a dull finish. That means you have to continually condition your seats to protect them. This can be time consuming and expensive, both which can be avoided with xbound seat covers.

Don't think any of that affects you? Well, you get in and out of your vehicle every day. Even this has a negative effect on your seats. Every time you get in and out of your vehicle you create friction between yourself and the seat. This may seem like nothing, but after some time you will notice the material getting thin and worn out. Next thing you know, you've worn a hole through the material, yet another problem that can be prevented.


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